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Custom Pumpkins

Custom pumpkins are back, baby! And this year, they're better than ever.

We are excited to announce that this year, we will be offering a super  limited run of glass/ceramic pumpkins. There are 3 tiers of pumpkins, grouped together by relative size. 


All pumpkins are fully customized with whatever text your heart desires. Available ink colors: black, white, silver and gold. Ink is weather-proof.


Due to their fragile nature, we will only be offering these for local pickup (Arnold, MD).  

Untitled_Artwork (3)_edited.jpg

Tier 1- $45/ea

Sizes ~6.5" (may vary)

Tier 2- $35/ea

Sizes ~6" (may vary)

Tier 3-$30/ea

Sizes ~5.5" (may vary)
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